Adult Leagues

2023 Fall: 7 weeks

- Starting October 2, Mondays: Women 4s - max of 8 teams 

- Starting October 5, Thursdays: Co-Ed 4s - max of 8 teams

$160 per team

2023 Winter 1: 7 weeks

- Starting November 26, SUNDAYs: Women 4s - max of 12 teams 

- Starting November 27, MONDAYs: Co-Ed 4s - max of 8 teams

$160 per team

2023 Winter 2: 7 weeks

- Starting January 21, Sundays: Women 4s - max of 12 teams 

- Starting January 22, Mondays: Co-Ed 4s - max of 8 teams

$160 per team

2023 Winter 3: 7 weeks

- Starting Feb 4, Sundays: Women 4s - max of 12 teams 

- Starting Feb 5, Mondays: Co-Ed 4s - max of 8 teams

$160 per team

League Rules:

Captains: it is your responsibility to know rules and ensure all teammates know the rules. Let's keep this league fun for all by being respectful and holding ourselves accountable. Since this is self-reffed, some of these rules might differ from USAV, high school or 6s league or whatever else you might be used to. 

  • Minimum 3 players to play. In coed, a minimum of two players have to be women.
  • Games are best out of 3. 1st 2 games are to 25, win by 2, cap at 27. 3rd game is to 15, cap at 17.
  • If you know you cannot make a game, e-mail or text at [email protected] or (970) 640-5501 try to find a team to replace you so the team you were supposed to play gets some VB in.
  • Teams must arrive atleast 10 minutes prior to game time as game STARTS at the scheduled time (unless game prior is running late). Please start right on time so not to back-up games later on into the evening
  • If you are unable to start 5 minutes after scheduled game time ... team forfeits the 1st game. If team cannot play 10 minutes after scheduled start time, now forfeit 2nd game and thus the match. 
    • Starting time delayed Example: If a game was supposed to start at 7:15pm but previously scheduled game goes to 7:25pm, then there can be a 3 minute "warm-up" and game starts at 7:28pm. If a team is not ready to start by 7:33pm, forfeits Game 1. Not ready to start by 7:38pm, forfeits Game 2 and the match.



  • You do not need to rotate if you do not want to, you just need to keep the same serving order

  • If you touch the net, no matter how lightly, violation

  • If you go under the net (step completely on opponents side), violation

  • In 4s- NO Open hand push shots over the net...if you are not what sure what this means, e-mail me

  • If you are blocking, you can open hand push directionally/down/out a block.

  • In 4s- NO hand set over the net unless it is perfectly directional with your shoulders and there is little to no spin on the ball

  • Hand setting- if it is spinning a lot (let's say 4 rotations) then no good.  Technically in VB, it is double contact but with no refs, calling spin.

  • No lifts

  • Ball cannot hit or pass outside of the antenna, also the part of the net outside of the antenna is out as well

  • Watch for foot faults while serving

  • If your team hits the ceiling and the ball drops on your side, you can hit it again unless you have used up all 3 of your hits.  If you hit the ball, it hits the ceiling on your opponents side, play is over.  Side walls are out of bounds.

  • If there is another game going on and you run onto the other court pursuing a ball, play is over.  Try to discourage this to keep everyone safe.  So, even if you step one foot onto the other court (while a game is going on) play is over.  

  • Block is not considered a touch indoors.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Kimber at [email protected]


Location: 202 Peach in Palisade (Ordinary Fellow Winery)

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